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John Jones is a Bloomington personal injury attorney who works with victims of a variety of different accidents to bring them justice. John Jones attended the University of Minnesota Law School where he received his J.D. in 2005. In the commencement of his legal career, he relocated to Minneapolis to work for one of the renowned and highly reputable personal injury law firms. He was responsible for handling cases that touched on some of the leading physicians and hospitals in the state. After serving here for close to three years, Jones moved back to Bloomington, MN to work at one of the country’s most prolific defense firms, where he majorly focused on medical malpractice law.

The respected personal injury lawyer, John Jones, is extensively experienced in this field with over ten years’ experience of active legal service. In his aptitude for growth, John established Jones Law in 2011. He is a distinguished attorney helping accident victims of Bloomington daily. He aims at holding parties that are negligent responsible and accountable besides assisting those that have been subject to personal injuries.

Lawyers are important professionals in any society. Their services are necessary for the promotion of order and harmonious living among people. They usually represent people accused of perpetrating offenses, particularly those that believe they are innocent, and they work towards acquitting them of the charges. There are different categories of attorneys in the field of law but at our firm, we strongly believe in seeking council from an expert in a particular practice area. As a personal injury law firm, we focus solely on representing victims of accidents.

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Areas of Practice



When it gets down to accidents representation, Bloomington Injury Lawyer, John Jones, is the firm to consult.

Medical Malpractice

In cases of failure by hospitals or physicians to treat you properly, you are entitled to sue them on the grounds of medical malpractice.


Jones Law handles all kinds of injury cases ranging from birth injuries, brain injuries, back and neck injuries among others that may have befallen their esteemed clients.

Birth Injuries

Birth injuries may arise for various reasons but in most cases it is either caused by the failure of the doctor to recognize disorders arising during pregnancy or when a doctor offers a pregnant woman improper prenatal care.

Abuse in Nursing Home

In the case of neglect or mistreatment by the staff, you may have to press charges against the nursing home on the grounds of abuse.

Wrongful Death

A wrongful death can result from either accidents or malpractice. Jones Law assists its clients in such cases as these to secure justice.